The California Diarists
Ep. 1: Dawn

Ep. 1: Dawn

January 31, 2018
Whitney Johnson joins Christy to discuss Dawn's first Diary, when they both first realized that babies aren't always a good thing, and what 13-year-olds really sound like.
Links/Show Notes:
Christy is on Twitter @AdmiralChristy.
Whitney is on Twitter @EditrixW.
What Claudia Wore is a blog cataloguing (and sometimes updating) the BSC clotheshorse's wardrobe.
Ruth Barabe's Babysitters Fashion Club is no longer live, but you can read about it on The Billfold here.
The other sites mentioned have been lost to the sands of Internet time.
Ep. 0: Introducing The California Diarists

Ep. 0: Introducing The California Diarists

January 28, 2018

In this introductory episode, host Christy Admiraal discusses the Babysitters Club spinoff series that inspired this podcast and what to expect from future episodes. 

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