The California Diarists
Ep. 3: Maggie

Ep. 3: Maggie

February 28, 2018
Phil Gonzales of Deep in Bear Country joins Christy to discuss Maggie: Diary One, teenage poetry, and terrible parents. Plus, Phil delivers a dramatic reading of "Hey, Down There."
Christy is on Twitter @AdmiralChristy. The show is on Twitter @CaliDiarists.
Phil is on Twitter @PCoryGonzales. His show is on Twitter @BStainBearcast. You can find his other podcasts here: Klickitcast with John McCoy and It's Del Toro Time with Phil's son Ollie.
Ep. 2: Sunny

Ep. 2: Sunny

February 14, 2018
Christy and Elizabeth Wendorf chat about Sunny: Book One, the on-the-nose factor of On the Road, and carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders at age 13.
Links/Show Notes:
Christy is on Twitter @AdmiralChristy.
Elizabeth is on Twitter @emwendorf.
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